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(Experimentations and proof of concept)

* Artists' Books Thesaurus - TemaTres instance to manage the ARLIS/NA Book Arts SIG Artists' Books Thesaurus (work in progress)

* EAC-CPF and Book Artists - Uses XML (EAC-CPF), XSLT, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. Explores EAC-CPF as an alternative to the MARC Authority format for providing contextual information about book artists and their working relationships to persons, organizations, facilities, techniques, and concepts

* Search the FLP Incunabula Collection - Uses MySQL, PHP, CSS, and HTML to allow users to search data imported from an Excel spreadsheet

* Finding Aid Shopping Cart - Uses javascript, PHP, CSS, and HTML to build "shopping cart" features on top of an EAD-encoded finding aid container list

* U.Miami Special Collections - Cataloger's Library Guide
Includes content re-purposed from the following:

* Social Networking for UM Special Collections - Uses javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and various widgets to offer an Instagram gallery and Tumblr feed

* Visualize the Jackie Gleason Collection - Uses subject data export in csv format and the Tagul web service to create a (Flash) hyperlinked word cloud

* UM Special Collections Mobile Site - Designed for iPhone (customized iWebkit). Includes collection info, curated saved searches, and connections with social networking apps

* User-supplied catalog content - Pilot survey

* Recently cataloged (rare/unique) materials - University of Miami Libraries, Special Collections Division and Cuban Heritage Collection. Styles an RSS feed from a account


* Allison O'Dell, "Turn Your Finding Aid into a Shopping Cart," Archival Practice 1, no. 1 (2014). [Online]

* Allison O'Dell, An Examination of the Metadata Captured about Artifacts of Bookbinding by United States Research Libraries (Master's thesis), Washington, DC: Corcoran College of Art and Design (2013). Retrievable from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (Accession order no. 10171).


* Studying the Book Arts in the 21st Century: Using Linked Data to Enhance Knowledge and Context. Short paper to be given at the RBMS Pre-conference, June 2014, Las Vegas, NV.

* The Description and Categorization of Sewing Structures in Historical Bindings with Textile Terminology. Paper given at the "Texts and Textiles" Conference, Centre for Material Texts, 12 September 2012, Cambridge, England.

* Book Arts for the Book Historian: Learning the History of Printing in the 21st Century. Paper given at the 2010 APHA Conference, "Learning to Print, Teaching to Print: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives," 15-17 October 2010, Washington, DC. [Program]

* Book Cloth and Book Aesthetics in the Work of Sarah Wyman Whitman. Paper given at "Useful and Beautiful: The Transatlantic Arts of William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites," 7-9 October 2010, University of Delaware, Winterthur Museum and Country Estate, Delaware Art Museum. [Program]

* Seamless Marketing: The Impact of the Web on Special Collections Patronage, a Case Study from the Carmelitana Collection. Short paper given at the RBMS Pre-conference, 19 June, 2009, Charlottesville, VA.


* Exploring EAC-CPF with the Remixing Archival Metadata Project (RAMP). Co-presentation with Mairelys Lemus-Rojas to be given at the Society of Florida Archivists Annual Meeting, 8 May 2014, Orlando, FL. [Program]

* Book Artists Unbound: an EAC-CPF-based Discovery Tool for Contextualization of Creators. Presentation given at the LITA/ALCTS MARC Formats Transition Interest Group, ALA Midwinter Meeting, 25 January 2014, Philadelphia, PA. [About]

* Beyond EAD: Tools for Creating and Editing EAC-CPF Records and 'Remixing' Archival Metadata. Webinar co-presented with Timothy A. Thompson and Ethan Gruber, OCLC Research, 9 January 2014. [About] [Recording]

* Using simpleCart.js to Build a Finding Aid Shopping Cart. Presentation given at Archivists Being Awesome (micropresentation format of the Delaware Valley Archivists Group), 8 May 2013, Philadelphia, PA. [Summary and slides]

* Converting to RDA: from what? An Exploration of RDA Training that Does Not Assume Knowledge of AACR2. Presentation given at the ALA Cataloging Norms Interest Group Annual Meeting, 23 June 2012, Anaheim, CA. [Notes and slides (PDF)]

* Curating in Context: Representing Cultural Significance in Library Exhibitions. Session Moderator at the 2012 Art Libraries Society of North America Annual Conference, "Colouring Outside the Lines," 31 March 2012, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

* Collections Processing: Innovations in Student Involvement. Panel presentation given at the 2010 RBMS Preconference, June, 2010, Philadelphia, PA. [Program]

* Efficient Cataloging Workflow with a View Towards Research. Presentation given at the Council on Library and Information Resources Hidden Collections Program Symposium, 29 March, 2010, Washington, DC. [Agenda]

* Undergraduate Student Involvement in Cataloging Special Collections: Insights from the Goucher College Mapping Special Collections Team. Poster co-presented with Cynthia Ogden and Cassie Brand at the Bridging the Spectrum 2010 Symposium, 29 January, 2010, Washington, DC. [Program]

* 'It wasn't old when we bought it': Techniques and Tips for Expanding Catalog Records with Elements of Descriptive Bibliography. Presentation given at the ALA Catalog Management Interest Group Meeting, 16 January, 2010, Boston, MA. [Program] [PowerPoint]

* Past Meets Future: Innovative Techniques for Uncovering Special Collections at the Goucher College Athenaeum. Panel presentation given at the Technical Services Division of the Maryland Library Association meeting, 13 January, 2010, Baltimore, MD. [PowerPoint]

* Image and Video Sharing on the Web: Applications for Teaching and Learning. Presentation given at the 2009 Goucher Information Technology Conference, 28 May, 2009, Baltimore, MD.

* The Information Product: Converting Library Holdings and Expertise into Revenue, a Case Study from the AARP Research Information Center. Poster presented at Bridging the Spectrum: A Symposium on Scholarship and Practice in Library and Information Science, 30 January, 2009, Washington, DC.


* Allison O'Dell, "Review of 'Viewpoints: Theoretical Perspectives on Irish Visual Texts'," ARLIS/NA Reviews (May/June 2013). [Online]


* UMiami Special Collections Cataloging Finds - Brings together subject guides, subject indexes, visualizations, feeds from social networking media, and recently cataloged materials

* Publishers' Cloth Bindings in the James Wilson Bright Collection - An index of different features of, trends in, and technologies used to create 19th and early 20th century cloth bindings. Each term is presented as a link to catalog records within the Bright Collection.


* University of Miami Special Collections Cataloger on Tumblr - A visual approach to quirky, fun, and curious collection finds (Active 2013 - Present)

* FLP Rare Book Dept. Cataloging on Twitter - Includes updates on the project to catalog several collections in the Free Library of Philadelphia's Rare Book Dept. (Active 2011 - 2013)

* FLP Rare Book Dept. Cataloging on Pinterest - Images of finds from the collections. (Active 2011 - 2013)

* The Barnes Journal - Contribution on cover designs and designers represented by the Rare Book Collection

* Mapping Special Collections for Research and Teaching at Goucher College - Updates and insights from the project team. (Active 2009 - 2010)

* Allison's Resources & Tips: from the CUA Information Desk - Aimed at acquainting students with research and libraries in the Washington, DC area. (Active 2008-2009)

Policy documents

* Cataloging Wiki of the FLP Rare Book Department - This space serves as a respository for cataloging policies and training tools used by the Free Library of Philadelphia's Rare Book Department.

* Cataloging Tools: Goucher College Special Collections & Archives - (LibGuide) - These resources were developed and/or compiled as a part of the project "Mapping Special Collections for Research and Teaching at Goucher College." They are intended to assist in undertaking a similar cataloging project involving strong student participation.

Special Collections Cataloging & Metadata Librarian
University of Miami Libraries
2013 - Present

Cataloging Consultant,
Rare Book Department
Free Library of Philadelphia
2011 - 2013

Special Collections and Horticulture Librarian
The Barnes Foundation
2010 - 2011

Special Collections Cataloger
Goucher College
2009 - 2010

Catalog Librarian
The Carmelitana Collection
2008 - 2009