Allison Jai O'Dell

information scientist, vegan activist, book and fiber artist

Information Professional

15+ years of experience in end-to-end data engineering and analysis.
Focus on libraries, archives, nonprofits, and philanthropy.
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Professional Summary

M.S. in Library and Information Science:
Program focused on information organization, research methodology, data management / architecture, and related computing skills. Cultivated techniques to unearth and solve for underlying user needs and information-seeking behaviors.

M.A. in Art and the Book:
Program focused on book history, book-making technology, and the relationship between information resources and society. Offered a unique perspective on reverse engineering artifacts, efficiency in design, and marketing / audience perception.

Career in Special Collections Libraries and Archives:
Designed, built, and managed large-scale resource databases and information discovery platforms (catalog applications, finding aids, etc.) Served on (and often chaired) numerous cross-organizational committees to develop international data standards and tools. Research and development activities focused on data mining and inference logic, especially the possibilities with Semantic Web technologies and graph databases.
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Work in Nonprofits and Philanthropy:
Data and information architecture, management, and integration, as well as related documentation and training activities. End-to-end analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence. Development of custom CRM applications for donor, volunteer, marketing, and supporter engagement data. Management of sensitive, personally-identifiable information (including implementation of GDPR- and CCPA-compliant data privacy policies and procedures). SEO and insights into information needs. Email marketing with a focus on deliverability. User research: usability tests, focus groups, a/b tests, card sorting exercises, survey design, etc.

Focus on Equity and Inclusion:
Developing solutions for issues of gender and racial equity in the nonprofit sector, as well as able-ism at events and in web design.
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Artist Statement

Knowledge of book- and textile-making has informed my work as a special collections professional and data scientist, offering an appreciation for logical sequencing and efficiency in design, extensive experience in reverse engineering, and a keen awareness of the symbiotic relationship between products and their users.

Portfolios: Book & Paper Arts | Creative Handspinning

Allison Jai O\'Dell